Aphasia is a little known language disorder. We speak of aphasia when an individual has totally or partially lost the ability to communicate, that is to say to speak or understand what he is told.

The causes of aphasia are always linked to brain damage in the areas of speech, which are usually located on the left. This damage most often results from a stroke, a brain tumor or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Aphasia can occur at any age, both in men and in women, and its frequency increases after the age of 50, as with the risk of vascular disease which is the main cause of aphasia.

Aphasia is not a mental illness or an intellectual impairment. Usually, aphasia resulting from a stroke or trauma does not get worse; on the contrary, it tends to improve over time.

Aphasia is one of the most common debilitating and invisible impairments caused by strokes. And unfortunately, it is almost unknown despite that.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that approximately 4,000 people become aphasic each year in Quebec.

Course on Aphasia

APIA-AVC offers online training on aphasia, developed in collaboration with University Laval, for workers and volunteers who work with people with aphasia. The objective of the training is to deepen the knowledge about aphasia and to present effective and adapted communication strategies. Click on the link below to access the training. The training is only offered in French at the moment.


Source : RAPAQ

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