Our values

AVC-Aphasie Laval's values

The values ​​of an organization are the principles, work approaches and behaviors valued by it. Values ​​can be linked to intervention or organizational culture. AVC-Aphasie Laval relies on the following five (5) values:



Respect is about being considerate of others. Equity, openness and acceptance of each person's particularities are valued. In this sense, everyone must commit to:

• Listening to the concerns and needs of those involved in the organization as well as those of the partners.

• Respect the entire person and their integrity (his values, his choices, his capacities, his aspirations and his limits) with collective well-being as his objective;

• Refrain from making value judgments or discriminating.


Mutual aid

Mutual aid is defined as the promotion of joint work, team spirit, cooperation and the sharing of successes, but also of difficulties. In this sense, everyone must commit to:

• Be part of a self-help process rather than a competitive process;

• Seek to collaborate for the betterment of members by providing others with the support they need.



Fostering the empowerment of members is at the heart of AVC-Aphasie Laval. Empowerment is the amelioration of individuals' capacity to act on their own lives. In this sense, everyone must commit to:

• Recognize and encourage autonomy while respecting the pace, capacities and needs and aspirations of each member;

• Ask for help and support when they need it;

• Believe in your own potential and that of others.



Through the value of loyalty, AVC-Aphasie Laval wishes to encourage all those involved with the organization to adhere to and remain faithful to the mission, vision and values ​​of the organization. In this sense, everyone must commit to:

• Collaborate in achieving the mission of the organization;

• Contribute to a positive image of the organization and its members;

• Help maintain an atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging, both to members and to the organization itself.


Rigor and professionalism

Rigor manifests itself in consistency and concern for a job well done. From an accountability perspective, administrators, staff and volunteers are encouraged to fully assume their decisions and actions. Each person involved in providing services to members must make a specific commitment to respect the confidentiality of certain informations obtained.


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